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Beautiful and elegant, each one of my pieces is handmade with care and love using the intricate technique of quilling; using thin, often colorful, strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and then glued together to create beautiful designs. They make unique and meaningful gifts for family,  friends, co-workers, neighbors, or yourself and are perfect for any occasion. Whether celebrating a new birth or milestone birthday, starting a new job or a life in a new home, or just given with love; these handcrafted works of art will bring joy to all who appreciate handmade art.



*Each item is made to order and the finished piece may be similar to, but not exactly as the one shown. Also note that colors may appear different depending on the screen. Custom colors and blessings (see Blessings page) available.  Languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish.

Please contact me to work out the details.

Thank you for your support!

"Beresheet / Genesis" 


"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
~ Genesis 1:1

In shades of flaxen and blue, this beautiful handmade Hamsa evokes  the days of creation, as the waters gather into their

place, and plants begin to grow.

The Hamsa hand is an ancient Middle Eastern symbol of protection and good luck in many cultures. It is believed to

bring positive energy, happiness, health and good fortune to

its owners. 

​Whether gracing the walls of a home or the walls of a house of worship, this beautiful and highly popular piece will always be a perfect gift. 


Canvas 5 x 7

Frame 8x10                                    $135.00

with Blessing Hebrew /English    $145.00

To personalize this artwork, please click here

to send an e-mail with details. 

"Cerulean Blue Star of David" 

This beautiful Hamsa in shades of cerulean blue evokes

the images of water and sky as a graceful bird gently floats between the waves of the ocean and wispy grey clouds.


The Hamsa includes a blessing for the home in Hebrew. 

May this home and this family 
always know healthy and serenity; 
love, joy, abundance and success, 
May this home and family be forever blessed.

Custom colors are available.

Available in English, Hebrew, Spanish.


​ Artwork  5 x 7

Frame     8 x 10      $135.00

Personalized          $145.00

To personalize this artwork, please click here

to send an e-mail with details. 

tree of life 2.jpg

Tree of Life

"Joyful is the one who finds wisdom, the one who gains understanding"  ~ Book of Proverbs

The concept of the Tree of Life is found in many folklore and across many religions. In Judaism, it has its origins in the Garden of Eden as one of the two trees that stood in the center of the garden: the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The metaphor of the Tree of Life as the Torah comes from the Book of Proverbs 3:18:   Etz chaim hee l’machazikim bah V'tomcheya Me'ushar (“She is a tree of life to those who grasp her, and all who hold onto to her are happy”).

 In Jewish mysticism, the Tree of Life refers to the ten divine emanations. The tree is used to describe how God created the world. Some think of the tree as being the connection between heaven and earth, God and man, and a connection with wisdom and knowledge. 

 This beautiful tree of life in verdant shades of green incorporates the attributes of Wisdom, Foundation, Integrity, Kindness, Understanding and Discipline floating above the trunk, whose roots provide the foundation to grow strong

and thrive.

Available in English, Hebrew, Spanish.

Canvas    8 x 10  Frame    11 x 14   $180.00

Personalized                      $195.00

To personalize this artwork, please click here

to send an e-mail with details 


"Abundance" Pomegranate Blessing (feminine)

 ​The pomegranate is an ancient and remarkable fruit beloved by many cultures and religions. Like its numerous seeds, the list of cross-cultural and religious symbolisms of the pomegranate is long.

Common themes include abundance, beauty, spiritualism and a connection to a higher being. 


Available with no blessings as well.

Please contact me to work out the details.


Artwork Cardstock 5x7  Frame 8 x 10     $150.00

Artwork Cardstock 8x10  Frame 11x14    $190.00